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Sending and receiving data could not be simpler!

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Mobile Data Monetisation SaaS for Forward Looking telcos

Benefits to Telecom Operators

Grow Revenues

Higher revenue per user
Higher margin per user
New revenue including off-peak hour monetisation

Minimise Churn

End-user engagement and delight
Sticky time chunks
Reward loyal customers

Time to revenue

Rapid integration to any infra as a cloud overlay
Real time pricing, targeting, and marketing. With actionable analytics
Rapid and constant new feature and UX introduction
Find out how to maximise consumer lifetime value

Great Quotes from the Past

Cases & Quotes

“This is the way mobile data should have been sold from the beginning”.
- An operator CMO from APAC
“I would say that, it is a service that all the world is waiting for and finally it arrives.”
- An end user, Consumer Clinic, Mexico
“This is every marketeer’s dream”
- Operator sales head
“I purchase more often with this”
- An end user, consumer clinic, South East Asia
“Oh my…. This is going to change everything”
- Operator CMO
“It's good, it's convenient. It takes less than 2 seconds to buy internet.”
- End user, consumer clinic, APAC
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