The Mobile
Data Problem

An aching pain for both end-users and operator marketeers

End-users see operator offering complex, unclear, technical, and boring

End-users see operator offering complex, unclear, technical, and boring. There is lack of transparency on pricing rules, what is charged, or if data is on or off. Connectivity is limited. Operator products are not engaging, fun or rewarding - not valuable for end users.

Operator data monetisation and engagement is a persistent problem.
Operators differentiate only with price and are stuck with cost based pricing due to lack of packaging compelling consumer products.
Thus, the consumer engagement sucks due to poor tools, platforms, and digital consumer touch points. As a result the data and connectivity is an utility - instead of being a properly monetised asset.

The Solution

A white label solution for operators to monetise mobile data

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Sell simple time chunks for instant activation directly from end-users’ smartphone - or use one of other 20 use cases

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Deliver consumer delight for existing and new users with differentiated branded offerings

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Create and target new products, offers, and marketing messages in real time

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Secure optimised use of resources and investments, with use cases like traffic shaping

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Drive growth and close the loop with real-time actionable analytics

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Reach higher margins with value-based pricing

Find out how to maximise consumer lifetime value
Product Description

How the Solution Actually Works

Sell data on users hand. Create offers instantly.


An instant, simple, branded consumer app actively sells and markets data

Sales Portal

A real time sales and marketing portal to create, price, target, and market effectively - and use real time actionable analytics

Care Portal

A web based portal for care, to manage any customer care issues

Cloud Server

A cloud native server, managing and enforcing the full solution securely on top of any telco BSS/OSS stack

The Essence of Fully Operator Branded


Sell and market instantly

Sales and Marketing team can create new products, offers, and campaigns freely. Offers are available for end users the same minute.

Price dynamically and shape traffic

Create impactful seasonal offers, limited campaigns, and happy hours. Drive performing marketing campaigns. And grow off-peak revenues: start to shape the traffic

Target rewards to prevent churn

Target any segment freely for optimal use. Offer loyalty rewards and free data for surprise, delight, and engagement. Stop churn and maximise customer lifetime value

Close the loop with real time analytics

Use real time actionable analytics to close the loop with improvement actions. React instantly to any event anywhere. And let the automated AI based analytics optimise the results!

Freedom to sell and market with

The Sales Portal

Web based, real time, intuitive, and effective tool for marketeers and sales - without need for IT or Tech team support

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Guarantee superior service operations

Care Portal

Take care of any end-user issue, would they appear

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Web based tool to react to any end-user issues

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Easy to know end-user status and history

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Quick and effortless to fix issues

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Cloud Native Server

Complete system control and user management
Support for app, sales portal, care portal evolving features
Solid security and privacy solution, process, and policies
Complete real time analytics stack - with operator ownership and access to all data
Network and BSS/OSS work and perform operation exactly the same way as without NXT:FWD
Continuous release of new features and improvements
Use and capitalise operator systems fully, with one time integration to charge, activate, de-activate, and verify subscribers
Native cloud server hosted, operated and managed in Google Cloud by NXT:FWD team

We will offer the needed implementation and appvisory services to make it quickly in use - and properly used and capitalised over the lifetime. These are included in the business case we commonly create with our telecom operator customers


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How is the solution typically used ?

One way to use it is to offer simple, understandable, instant data for end users.
Another is to use the solution to replace Pay-as-you-go solution and provide simplicity.
Third is to offer it for limited volume plan users, to upsell time on top of e.g. 2GB monthly plan - and make users to use more.
Another great way to use the solution to use it for rewarding loyal users with free data, which is to be impactful not only to prevent churn, but to grow revenues

Naturally, operator can look at their users and segments, and wealth of data on them to find right segments to target first - to drive maximum adoption, engagement, and revenue growth.

For details of our 20 use cases see for example our blog, or reach out to us

What changes are needed to telco infrastructure? Probably, big ones?

There are no changes needed! Solution is a simple cloud overlay to existing BSS/OSS, to capitalise them fully. There needs to be secure connectivity from NXT:FWD to e.g. OCS, and one time configuration of existing systems (without HW changes).

How long will it take to take the solution in use?

Typically with proper planning and execution the implementation takes 3 months. It can be executed within a month, as technically implementation is simple, but to have a solid commercial plan 3 months implementation project is the typical approach.

The one time implementation project naturally requires IT and Technology to support, but after that there will be major saving on resource needs in IT, as new campaigns, offers and products will NOT require changes or IT support any longer.

What BSS/OSS I need to have to implement this? Probably something very specific?

We support any BSS/OSS and we have implemented the solution on ALL major vendors. We will assist in identifying how it will be configured for the OCS, and/or to systems, the telecom operator has installed.

What languages is the solution provided with?

The end user application will be localised to any and all languages the operator wants to. Typically it means localising it to all main languages in the countries operator operates, and the app supports multiple languages. It is worth to note that application has built in support for right-to-left languages too. The Sales And Marketing portal, as well as Care Portal are provided in English.

Are the time chunks unlimited in volume?

From end-users perspective and fairness, it is important that the experience is unlimited. In addition, the approach makes users to explore apps and internet, which will encourage them to use and buy more - and connectivity will be more important, if not vital, to them. However, the time chunks come with (a very large) fair usage quota to prevent fraud - and after the FUQ the the data can be throttled or cut.

Will time based data cannibalise  my MB plans?

On the contrary. With MB plans end users will try to use every byte. And when they do consume all Megabytes or Gigabites, they do not top up or buy more. With time chunks, no-one will use all the time - and if they do on short chunks, the price per minute is high even if they are cheap. Thus they also top up when time runs out. Also, users are willing to use small micropayments on top of their existing spend.

Finally, we have proven in multiple cases that the ARPU will grow. In cases, even the revenue from MB plans. Reach out to us to hear more!

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