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Harry Järn
February 29, 2024
1 min read

We Launch Breakthrough White Label SaaS Solution for Telecom Operators

NXT:FWD is thrilled to announce the commercial launch of its game-changing white label Software-as-a-Service solution, custom-built to unlock the potential of how telecom operators utilise and monetise mobile data.

Solution is ready for commercial deployments today.

Our solution comprises a sophisticated consumer app, an impactful sales and marketing portal, and an efficient care portal, all integrated through a powerful cloud-native server. This remarkable combination serves as an exceptional platform for introducing a new product category, launching a sub-brand, or even initiating an MVNO.

The operator-branded consumer app streamlines user access to the internet, offering unlimited, straightforward connectivity options. Absolute simplicity. The real-time transparency in remaining time, combined with the most competitive pricing and offers, ensures an unmatched user experience.

The accompanying sales and marketing portal equips the marketing team to craft and deliver cutting-edge products and campaigns swiftly. Leveraging dynamic pricing, targeted offers, and customer loyalty programs, the portal optimises mobile data monetisation. Detailed real-time analytics ensure top-tier ARPU and minimum churn.

Being entirely cloud-based, NXT:FWD requires no additional hardware and is already proven to integrate smoothly with all leading operator BSS. Future upgrades are included in business model, ensuring no additional integration or cost from new features. And the combination of app, portals, and cloud platform offer unseen rapid base of feature development and releasing.

We invite forward looking telecom operators to explore our trailblazing solution - ready for immediate deployment and poised to unlock the full potential of mobile data.

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