From CSP to DSP: BSS transformation from the Future

Ismo Antikainen
April 24, 2024
7 min


As Communication Service Providers (CSP) pivot to Digital Service Providers (DSP), the transformation demands not just a change in technology but a strategic overhaul of operations suited for the modern era.

But how should telecom giants approach this shift? How should they address their BSS transformations? There are clear paths to avoid and strategies to embrace, ensuring the transition not only modernises operations but also capitalises on digital growth opportunities.

The BSS Transformation Antithesis

Worst approaches involve transferring existing products, legacy systems, and all their accompanying issues into a new digital framework. This may happen as letting go of the old, and deciding to drop products, can be extremely hard.

This method, ostensibly a quick fix, unfortunately drags all old problems into the new environment. Moreover, maintaining parallel systems complicates matters further—introducing additional dependencies, mismatches in business logic, and diverse operational methodologies that only amplify inefficiencies.

Finally, this results in slipped timelines and growth in effort of the transformation project.

Transformation can be as messy as a messy bowl of spaghetti in Italy in 1920s as illustrated by Dall-E

A Strategic Blueprint for Transformation

Rather than retrofitting old systems into new skins, a truly effective transformation involves building an entirely new BSS stack that operates alongside the old—initially independently. This could involve setting up a new BSS, creating totally new products, and adopting a new tech stack. The objective is to release a new BSS stack simply, efficiently and effectively - and offer that to a segment of users. This enables to engage with a customer segment through innovative offers and modern user experiences driving natural migration to the new platform.

A practical example of this can be seen in the telecom industry where operators create new or flanker brands (such as Saunalahti by Elisa) to attract a new subscriber base. These new entities operate on the modern stack from the outset and eventually, as customer migration reaches critical mass, can be rebranded or fully integrated into the parent brand.

The final stage involves decisively migrating the remaining customer base to the new system and phasing out the old legacy systems. The key is to ensure that no old products or services are simply moved across; instead, new, parallel versions are developed that are better aligned with current digital demands.

Our Innovative Approach: Simplifying Transformation

Our startup introduces a revolutionary Mobile Data Monetisation SaaS that acts as a cloud overlay to traditional BSS systems, enabling a seamless transformation without the burdens of traditional methods. This full-stack solution includes a suite of products, offers, an app, and experiences designed from the ground up to support modern data monetisation, and subscriber engagement.

This approach not only eliminates the need to transition legacy systems but also provides a platform that is inherently flexible, scalable, and suited to the varied demands of digital-native customers. It is designed for launch to targeted segments and/or with distinct naming or branding. It supports targeted promotions and campaigns that attract and retain customer interest - and innovative viral tools attract new subscribers, also from competition.

So be it to launch for advanced users, WiFi hoppers, SOHO, families, or individuals with specific data needs our solution is supported that.

A very simple solution, like a simple pizza marinara as illustrated by Dall-E

Benefits and Strategic Advantages

By adopting our solution, telecom operators enjoy strategic flexibility and benefits:

  1. Operational Efficiency: Streamline operations with a simplified, less cluttered system architecture that reduces the need for extensive legacy system maintenance. Use their own R&D personnel to value added things, very light operations for sales and marketing with help of simple tools and AI, and simplify existing legacy systems.
  2. Enhanced ARPU and Monetisation: Leverage a system designed for optimal revenue generation and monetisation of digital services.
  3. Consumer Focus and Satisfaction: Drive the tech stack to deliver value for consumers. Offer services that meet modern consumer expectations for flexibility, usability, and personalisation, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Strategic flexibility: Flexibility to simplify existing BSS, delay BSS change, and select BSS vendors freely

Additionally, with the our solution the business transformation can be tested and verified with limited audience - without impact to core products and brand. And freedom to exit from the transformation, or to scale it across portfolio and to all segments.


In the transition from CSP to DSP, it’s imperative that telecom operators not only modernise but also revolutionise their approach to customer engagement. Our cloud-based SaaS platform provides a pivotal tool in this transformation, to drive customer value and provide strategic flexibility: It allows a less risky and more manageable transition without the heavy lifting typically associated with such extensive overhauls. Embrace the future of telecom with us—where your transformation is simplified, and success guaranteed.

We invite you to rethink and discuss with us, how telco transformation should be approached. And how to ensure it aligns with the strategic priorities of leading DSPs.

The simplicity of consumer driven transformation is icing on the cake. Or on the Tiramisú as illustrated by Dall-E. 
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