Financing round press release

Harry Järn
June 13, 2024
3 min

Helsinki, June 14th – NXT:FWD Software Oy , a pioneering SaaS startup, is excited to announce the successful completion of its second funding round, raising over 1M€. This round includes equity investments from Verso Capital and Innovestor, along with a supportive loan from Business Finland. This crucial funding will enable us to change mobile data for good. Concretely it supports launching first customers; scaling sales, marketing and customer success; add specific features to scale the solution to masses; and enhance and further automate of DevOps.

Breaking New Ground in Mobile Data Monetisation

We are set to transform the way mobile data is monetised. With our ready made solution telcos will get unique tools to engage with users effectively using real time targeting and marketing, and closing the loop with real time analytics. As a modern, cloud native solution it meets the needs of forward looking challenger telcos. With over 20 uses cases supported out of the box, telecom operators are empowered to deliver just right solution for their respective markets and consumers.

For consumers NXT:FWD offers absolute simplicity, and the best possible offers - including rewarding users for their loyalty.

Fuelling Innovation and Market Expansion

This new funding round will empower NXT:FWD to build world-leading innovations and cater to all validated use cases, making a significant breakthrough with telco customers and with their business users and consumers. This covers features, user experience, and solution management of our AI powered SaaS: by enhancing our capabilities, we aim to create a more connected, interactive, and rewarding mobile data experience for everyone.

Investors' Confidence

“We are thrilled to have the support of Verso Capital, Innovestor, and Business Finland in this pivotal round,” said Harry Järn, CEO of NXT:FWD Software Oy. “Their confidence in our vision and technology validates our approach to revolutionise mobile data monetisation. This funding will accelerate our growth and help us achieve our goal of making mobile connections simple, engaging, and accessible to all.”


NXT:FWD is a forward-thinking SaaS startup dedicated to transforming mobile data monetisation. We empower telcos to make mobile data plans engaging and valuable. Our unique monetisation solution creates additional value for mobile data and maximise return on existing network investments. Directly and simply from the cloud. For consumers we offer simple mobile data. Just in time and just for the need.

Based in Helsinki, we are committed to delivering the best digital services and continuously improving to meet the needs of the modern world all around the globe

For more information, please visit or contact

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