Flanker brand and alternative to MVNO

Flanker Brands - alternative to MVNO

Harry Järn
July 2, 2024
5 min

Alternative Approach to MVNO: Simplifying Success with Flanker Brands

In the ever-evolving telecom landscape, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have long been a strategy for operators to expand their reach. However, the traditional MVNO model comes with its own set of complexities and costs.

At NXT:FWD, we believe there’s a better alternative: Flanker Brands. Let’s explore why Flanker Brands are a smarter, quicker, and more cost-effective alternative to MVNOs.

Traditional MVNOs: A Complex Path

MVNOs, whether thick or thin, require operators to enable these virtual networks on their infrastructure. This often involves significant investments in custom development, in acquiring an MNVE platform, in solution integration, and to support and maintain MVNOs. Despite these efforts, operators frequently end up acquiring the MVNO, resulting in a brand like Moi by DNA operating as a separate unit. This acquisition might happen because the MVNO threatens to switch networks, achieves unexpected success, or struggles with profitability due to high traffic costs.

The end result? A flanker brand within the operator’s portfolio, but only after bearing substantial costs and complexities. This traditional path is fraught with regulatory hurdles, operational challenges, and financial burdens.

Flanker Brands: A Streamlined Solution

Now, imagine achieving the same results as an MVNO but with far less complexity and cost. That’s where our solution comes in. By leveraging our Mobile Data Monetisation SaaS, operators can create multiple flanker brands without the regulatory intricacies of MVNOs. Here’s how:

  1. Simplicity in Integration: With just one integration, operators can launch multiple flanker brands in as little as three months. Our cloud-based SaaS provides the flexibility to create distinct brands, differentiated product catalogues, offerings, and marketing campaigns for each flanker brand.
  2. Cost-Effective Launch: Flanker brands can be launched with minimal investment compared to setting up an MVNO. There’s no need for additional network infrastructure or regulatory compliance related to new virtual operators.
  3. Strong Brand Identity: Each flanker brand can have its own unique identity, tailored to specific market segments. Whether it’s differentiated offerings, pricing, or targeted marketing campaigns, flanker brands can be as distinctive as needed.
  4. Efficient Management: Operators can choose to manage the sales and marketing operations themselves or opt for our managed services to support these functions. This ensures that flanker brands are always aligned with strategic goals and market demands. One could also pick an existing consumer brand that has identity, and use that as a Flanker brand to engage users - whether sales and marketing managed by the brand, by operator, or by NXT:FWD.
Typewriter and modern laptop as a streamlined solution. As depicted by Dall-E.

The Benefits of Flanker Brands

By opting for flanker brands instead of MVNOs, operators can:

  • Reduce Complexity: Avoid the intricate setup and maintenance of MVNOs.
  • Save Costs: Minimise investments and operational expenses.
  • Accelerate Time to Market: Launch new brands quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhance Flexibility: Easily adapt to market changes and consumer needs.
  • Strengthen Branding: Create strong, targeted brands without the regulatory hassle.
  • Feature, offering, or cost differentiation: Enable targeting specific segments without compromising or cannibalising existing brands.

Not a Solution for Regulatory Compliance

While flanker brands offer numerous advantages, they are not a substitute for MVNOs in markets where regulators require competition amongst multiple telecom operators. Naturally there is need for MVNO in those situations, and we can help there too. However, for all other use cases, flanker brands present a superior alternative.

Call and Join Us

Ready to revolutionise your approach to market expansion? Embrace the future with flanker brands powered by our innovative Mobile Data Monetisation SaaS? Ready to engage to all key segments with differentiated offering? Ready to pick a modern simple solution instead of a traditional approach? Contact us today to discover how you can simplify success and connect with consumers more effectively than ever before.

By leveraging the power of flanker brands, operators can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance their market presence. It’s time to rethink the traditional MVNO model and embrace a smarter, simpler, and more effective approach. Join us on this journey to transform the telecom industry and deliver unparalleled value to your consumers.

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