Bridging the Gap: Aligning Telecom Operators for Continuous Engagement

Harry Järn
February 29, 2024
5 min read


In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, digital customer engagement and customer centricity are key strategic imperatives for operators to engage with their consumers more effectively. The vision at the C-level is clear: delivering novel digital consumer journey, embracing continuous consumer engagement, and offering flexible, personalised services to end-users. However, a significant challenge arises when it comes to aligning the operative level with this strategic direction. Many operators cling to traditional utility type models, favouring bulk monthly plans and resisting the shift towards micro-offers and more frequent consumer interactions. This blog explores the reasons behind this resistance and highlights the need to bridge the gap between strategic vision and operational execution.

Operational Inertia: A Barrier to Change

One of the primary reasons for the resistance to change at the operative level is operational inertia. Operators have long been accustomed to the predictable revenue streams provided by monolithic, bulk monthly plans. Bought from the offline channels. Shifting to a model of flexible services and connectivity by the hour or shorter time frames requires a fundamental shift in mindset and operational processes. The fear of perceived additional work and complexity can be daunting for teams already entrenched in their routines.

Misaligned Incentives

A Clash of PrioritiesAnother factor contributing to the gap between strategic vision and operational execution is the misalignment of incentives. Operational teams often focus on optimising resources and reducing customer interactions to minimise costs. In contrast, the C-level emphasises digital consumer journey, multiple touch points and continuous engagement, and sees value in frequent interactions to build stronger relationships with consumers. The conflicting priorities create a rift, with operational teams hesitant to embrace the changes that come with flexible offerings and more regular customer engagements across multiple digital touch points.

Technological Anxiety

Overcoming the Fear of the UnknownAdvancements in artificial intelligence, modern software, and automation have significantly reduced the operational burden associated with managing small plans, continuous digital engagements, and novel consumer journeys across multiple digital touch points. However, technological anxiety remains a key factor impeding progress. Operational teams may be wary of new technologies - and of multiple apps and websites - fearing the need for retraining or potential job displacement. Clear communication and education around the benefits of automation can help alleviate these concerns, empowering teams to embrace the digital tools available and adapt to the changing landscape.

Bridging the Gap

Unifying Vision and ExecutionTo bridge the gap between strategic vision and operational execution, collaboration and communication are essential. C-level executives must foster a culture of innovation and facilitate open dialogue with the operative level. Engaging operational teams in the decision-making process and providing them with opportunities for input can help address concerns and gain their buy-in.

Additionally, incentivising and rewarding employees for embracing change and driving continuous engagement can help align their priorities with the strategic vision. Offering training and development programs that emphasise the benefits of new technologies and equip teams with the necessary skills can alleviate technological anxiety and enable the smooth adoption of digital transformation initiatives.


Aligning the operative level with the strategic vision of telecom operators is crucial for achieving successful digital consumer engagement and delivering simple consumer journey across multiple apps and digital touch points. By addressing operational inertia, misaligned incentives, and technological anxiety, operators can bridge the gap and unlock the full potential of their digital channels and assets.

This yields major impact to bottom line, customer delight, and churn reduction.

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