Time : Secret Ingredient for Network Capacity Utilisation

Tuomas Pippola
June 5, 2024
3 min

Simply Connect: It’s All About the Experience

When it comes to connecting users, it all boils down to the experience. Specifically, for us it is about the experience of purchasing, activating and consuming mobile data.

Truth is, not everyone in the world needs or can afford unlimited monthly plans. Plus, many across the globe is used to buying everything in small quantities - in sachets. Our user experience studies, market feedback, and previous results tell that time is universally understood. Time is not only more easily understood but also far more intuitive than GBs or Mbps. Thus short time chunks hits the market sweet spot.

Moreover, with the rise of quick user-friendly apps, people are dipping into digital services multiple times a day—be it to search, tweet, share moments on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. And similarly, we have proven the same for time chunks. This habit isn't just a trend; it's a proven approach in both developed and emerging markets, driving user adoption, engagement, and crucially will help operators turn mobile data into revenue.

This "simply engaging connections" approach isn't just about winning users over; it's a game-changer for operators looking to monetise mobile data effectively. But that's not all—it's also the ingredient to shape traffic.

Experience of splendid coffee as a small chunk: an espresso sketch by Dall-E

Small Time Chunks Shape Traffic

Imagine users on unlimited or hefty data plans. There's little incentive for them to adjust their usage to off-peak times. This scenario mirrors the energy sector, where flat-rate pricing does little to encourage off-hours consumption despite fluctuating costs.

Enter the magic of micro data packages, time chunks ranging from a quick 5-minute check-in to a 3-hour deep dive. Our research shows that in numerous markets, these fleeting packages can account for clearly over half of all purchases. Imagine pricing an hour of data more affordably - say at 25% of peak hour price - during off-peak hours. Suddenly, you've got a powerful tool to nudge user habits towards more network-friendly patterns, just like dynamic electricity pricing encourages off-peak consumption.

This strategy doesn't just smooth out network demand; it maximises profitability, yields highest $/MB levels and improves return on investment. Since these small time chunks are designed for immediate use, they can't be hoarded for peak times, ensuring a more balanced network load. Plus, users buying time have no pressure to maximise gigabyte usage, user behaviour naturally leads to a more efficient distribution of network traffic.

Looking ahead, we're doubling down on this strategy by incorporating location data and real-time analytics to craft even more compelling offers. This means happier consumers and operators alike.

Traffic jams can be avoided with small chunks. Illustration by Dall-E


By segmenting data access into short, manageable intervals, we're not just providing the most compelling user experience. And we are not optimising network usage—we're revolutionising it. This dynamic approach allows for traffic distribution that responds in real-time to user behaviour and demand elasticity.

As our measured results from hundreds of thousands of users show, these micro packages significantly outperform traditional monthly or large data plans in revenue generation, offering a lucrative opportunity for operators to capitalise on.

Small micro packages of rice outperform a big sack of rise. As illustrated by Dall-E

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