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Time: the Secret in Mobile Data Monetisation

Tuomas Pippola
June 5, 2024
5 min

Time is of essence - and the essence - of proper mobile data monetisation. It is the secret ingredient behind our 20 diverse use cases to monetise mobile data.


Proper monetisation and right monetisation approaches to mobile data are more crucial to telecom operators than ever before. Data monetisation is matter of life and death. And right monetisation and consumer engagement can prevent telcos to be utility - and turn them to consumer relevant value adding brands.

We have been obsessed with mobile data monetisation for over a decade and have taken and observed numerous initiatives to the monetisation. And from that experience, we have witnessed value of time in mobile data, and crafted 20 diverse use cases for mobile data monetisation. All based on time and powered by the same core solution.

People surprised of the number of use cases from time based data. Source Dall-E

20 time based use cases

Our innovative SaaS enables set of 20 use cases - to offer just right monetisation for every customer, in every market, in any part of the world. Just pick the right one to make the right impact on the market - and outwit your competition.

Our robust solution, fully hosted and operated by us, is ready to deliver you more than a dozen use cases out of the box immediately - just after a one time integration of 2-3 months, covering all current and future use cases.

So let’s delve into how we can transform mobile data monetisation strategy with the use case.

Simple Time chunks

The core of our solution - the first use case - is about offering unlimited mobile data packages that cater to various timeframes, from minutes to hours, days and beyond. This allows consumers to understand, purchase, and activate data plans instantly, starting from just a few cents. It’s a straightforward approach designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s mobile users. With user experience crafted and thought through to deliver unparalleled consumer value.

Engage and monetise as never before

Another set of use cases focus on selling and marketing mobile data like never before. First, our platform empowers operators with real-time offer generation capabilities. This means you can create targeted offers using real-time analytics to maximise consumer engagement. You may offer consumer value with dedicated data deals, happy hours, local offers, and loyalty rewards use cases.

Time - together with real time marketing and segmentation - enables creation of consumer friendly, relevant sponsored data that consumers understand. And sponsored data that is relevant and impactful for advertisers too!

Selling time. Source Dall-E

Optimising network traffic

Traffic shaping is another key use case. By leveraging consumer demand - and price elasticity - we help move traffic from peak to off-peak hours, increase revenue during low-traffic periods and enhance margins during peak hours. This optimisation ensures you get the most out of your existing network investments.

Expand market reach with groups and virality

Time - and our solution - is great for viral user acquisition through gifting and virtual data distribution channels. It also enables attracting users from competitors, to facilitate broad market penetration. And time can be used to create a subscription type or a product to target small businesses or families. Think about allocating time simply for work hours, rather than guessing needed megabytes to perform the daily tasks by the employees.

Never miss a moment to sell

Our use cases have dedicated support for various data plan users. We offer them the flexibility to boost their speed to 5G. And offer others the possibility to add-on more data when needed, and yet in other let roaming users simply connect. In short, use cases to ensure that your users never miss a moment to stay connected and they’ll always have access to the services they need when they need them most.

Create New Brands!

Our solution is designed for operators looking to create strong brands. Whether it’s launching a new consumer proposition, a premium brand, or a targeted flanker brand, you can build multiple MVNOs on a single integration and solution. This versatility of use cases allows you to tailor your offerings to specific market segments effectively.

Superior cloud solution

All these use cases are powered by a common cloud solution. With real time analytics offering 360° view to performance, to close the loop for any and every use case.

The one software we run is optimised for customer branding, to make operator brand stand out in positive manner regardless of use case.

Conclusion: Your Path to Optimal Mobile Data Monetisation

The future of mobile data monetisation lies in selecting the right use cases that add the most value to your market and your consumers, all while keeping your brand at the forefront of consumer attention. We help you to map out the best go-to-market plan for your specific needs, ensuring optimal consumer engagement and maximum monetisation.

It is time for perfect mobile data monetisation. Time to outwit your competition. And time to connect with your consumers.

Is it also high time to reach out to us to transform your mobile data strategy?

Time is high above the downtown. Hold tight. Source Dall-E
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