Time to Gift

Tuomas Pippola
June 12, 2024
2 mins

A new feature. Gifting.

Better than gifting megabyte, money, or balance. Give time.

For your loved ones, family, friends.

We crafted data gifting that just works.

Pick mobile data from from 5mins to hours or days. Send it to your friends, family, colleagues. Cannot be easier than that.

Besides intuitive consumer experience, operators can promote gifting with special gift chunks. Use gifting both to engage with current users and to attract competitors’ users - as gift chunks can be received only within their own networks. Special gift chunk and users gifting to each other create desired outcome: more users, more use, less churn, and bigger share of consumer mobile data spend.  

Gifting is a major tool for use cases like Family, SoHo, New Subscriber Acquisition. Forward looking operators can also build digital data distribution on top of gifting - and to complement traditional voucher distribution.

Gifting commercial MVP is available immediately. Supported end to end: end user apps with strong operator branding, cloud backend end, and sales and marketing portal for operator personnel.

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